Neil Scales
Neil Scales

We are a Department of more than 6,800 employees across the state. We are one in our goal to develop an integrated transport network which is accessible to all.

No Queensland Government department has a bigger role to play in keeping the Queensland of today moving, or in helping build for the future.

Each year we have more than 3.7 million face-to-face interactions with Queenslanders. In fact we are responsible for about 80% of all government counter transactions.

The scope of work within the department is enormous, from developing policy which will shape the Queensland of the future, around long term transport planning and emerging technologies such as automated vehicles, through to ground-breaking developments in more environmentally sustainable and cost efficient paving through the use of recycled tyres.

We are a department which embraces innovation and is committed to customer service.

Every day Queenslanders rely on the transport network to get them to work, to school, and to health care. As the most decentralised state in Australia, transport is a key driver of economic growth, and we are at the front line of planning, developing and maintaining the extensive network required to keep Queensland moving.

In a state prone to cyclones and flooding, our work includes inspecting and repairing the many thousands of kilometres of roads subject to flooding. Since the flooding and cyclones of 2010-2011 for instance, we have repaired 8,741km of damaged roads.

We have 79 different organisational units, with a tremendous depth and breadth of expertise.

This page is the chance for us to introduce you to some of our people, and show you a little of the work being done around the state by One TMR. I hope you enjoy their stories.

Neil Scales
Director General
Transport and Main Roads