Our vision for more cycling, more often

What changes do we want to see in 10 years?

  • More cycling, more often in Queensland.
  • Cycle networks that are complete, connected and integrated with other transport modes.
  • Positive perceptions of cycling throughout Queensland.
  • Cycling helping the Queensland economy to prosper.
  • A strong evidence base that guides decision making about cycling.

More than 802,000 Queenslanders ride a bike each week (Austroads, 20171) and 1.53 million say they are interested in riding to school or work if the conditions were right (The University of Sydney, 20152). Queenslanders have told us that concerns relating to safety are often the main reason they choose not to ride, but addressing the convenience of cycling is also important.

Getting more people to experience the joy of riding benefits the whole community — every person who rides a bike to work, school, socialise or the shops means less traffic and less pollution. Choosing a bike over a car can also improve people’s wellbeing, support healthy and happy communities and contribute to the economy.

Unfortunately, most short trips in Queensland are still made by car (Department of Transport and Main Roads, 20161 3). We need to make cycling a natural choice for short trips. We need to make it convenient and safe to ride, whether you are an experienced cyclist or just getting started.

We will work with local governments and other stakeholders to achieve our vision and encourage investment in the actions that help grow cycling throughout Queensland.

Our goal is to maximise the benefits of cycling for all Queenslanders. We will embed cycling into Queensland’s culture, communities and economy as part of a single integrated transport system accessible to everyone.



1. Austroads. 2017. National Cycling Participation Survey: Queensland. Sydney.
2. The University of Sydney (Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies). 2015 Transport Opinion Sydney. Quarter 1, March 2015. Sydney.
3. Department of Transport and Main Roads. 2016. Queensland Household Travel Survey 2009-2012. Brisbane.

Infographic describing the benefits of cycling. 39% of Queensland adults are not getting enough physical activity. Riding a bike to work or school can be an easy way to incorporate regular exercise into your busy day. 9 out of 10 Queensland adults cycle because it's good for their health. Riding is a fun social activity for Queenslanders of all ages. It can also improve your mental wellbeing by reducing feelings of stress, anxiety and depression. Cycling reduces your risk of serious illnesses like heart disease, type-two diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. The more people there are cycling the safer it becomes. Well planned cycling infrastructure pays itself off in health benefits and reduced congestion. More people cycling reduces Queensland's carbon footprint.

Alignment with the Transport Coordination Plan 2017—2027

The Queensland Cycling Strategy 2017—2027 is aligned with the Transport Coordination Plan 2017—2027 which provides a strategic framework for the planning and management of transport resources in Queensland over a 10 year time frame.

The Transport Coordination Plan infographic, showing alignment with the QCS across five key focus areas and the related KPIs.

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Measuring progress 

Data will enable us to track our progress in embedding cycling into Queensland’s transport system, culture, communities and economy.

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Cycling Action Plan 2020–2022

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