Sharing our roads and public spaces

Clear guidance, education and road rules help Queenslanders to comfortably and safely share our roads and other public spaces. Our investment in technology will also make a difference to the way we share our roads.

More people cycling benefits the whole community, and promotes a healthier way to travel. Encouraging all people to better share our public spaces—whether on the road, shared paths, footpaths, trails or other places—will help make getting around safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

We will improve sharing our roads and public spaces across four key action areas:

Road rules that work for all

We will work across government to ensure road rules are effective and improve the safety of all road users. Over the next two years we will focus on the following action.

Actions 2017-2019
Deliver trial of bicycle mounted distance sensor and video capture technologies to determine their effectiveness in better measuring the minimum passing distance between cyclists and road users.
Sharing our roads

We will educate road users about safely sharing the road and other public spaces. Over the next two years we will focus on the following actions.

Actions 2017-2019
Deliver promotion and education on sharing the road with heavy vehicles and bicycles as part of the Road Rules Communication Action Plan.
Investigate technology solutions to reduce crash risk for vulnerable road users, including cyclists.
Managing speed to improve safety

We will better manage speed around schools, urban precincts and high-use cycle corridors. Over the next two years we will focus on the following actions.

Actions 2017-2019
Review and update the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), Part 4 to improve provisions for appropriate speed limit setting in areas frequented by vulnerable road users, including cyclists.
Investigate reducing speed limits on state-controlled roads in areas of high pedestrian and cycling activity to increase safety for these vulnerable road users.
Regulating road space and road use

We will investigate and determine the regulations and guidance that best address key safety risks and concerns on Queensland’s roads. Over the next two years we will focus on the following actions.

Actions 2017-2019
Investigate national and international best practice and innovations in heavy vehicle driver training and operation contextualised for Queensland, to inform improving the safety of cyclists around heavy vehicles.
Investigate opportunities to address safety issues surrounding heavy vehicles without blind spot technology through the Strategic Vehicle Safety and Environment Group.

Continue exploring our priorities for cycling in Queensland

Measuring progress

Data will enable us to track our progress in embedding cycling into Queensland’s transport system, culture, communities and economy.

Queensland Cycling Strategy suite

Cycling Action Plan 2017-2019

Our actions for the next two years

State of Cycling Report 2017

Monitoring our progress every two years