Encouraging more people to ride

Queenslanders choose to ride because it’s a healthy, enjoyable and environmentally-friendly activity. We will work across government and within communities through education and promotion to encourage even more people to ride.

Just about everyone can take part in cycling, even if they haven’t been on a bike for years. It’s just a matter of getting started. Showing people the benefits of cycling and promoting it as a safe, convenient and enjoyable way to travel and to connect to their community is fundamental to growing cycling throughout Queensland.

We will encourage more people to ride across four key action areas:

Educating new riders

We will develop and tailor cycling education programs so they are relevant to the different ways and reasons people ride bikes. Over the next two years we will focus on the following actions.

Actions 2017-2019
Deliver a road safety education program, including age-appropriate content on cycling safety, to empower young Queenslanders to safely and confidently use city and regional roads.
Support bicycle education projects through Community Road Safety Grants to teach children practical riding skills, road rules and how to identify hazards within the environment where they cycle.
Promoting cycling and its benefits

We will increase awareness of the benefits of cycling and support organisations to increase cycling participation. Over the next two years we will focus on the following actions.

Actions 2017-2019
Develop and implement a communications strategy to show the benefits of cycling, provide riding tips and show that riding a bike is easy and for everyone.
Support Queensland-based state level sport and active recreation organisations such as peak sport cycling bodies through State Development Program grants to deliver state-wide initiatives, services and events to maximise participation and governance in sport and active recreation.
Support sport and recreation cycling events through Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing sponsorship opportunities.

Support cycling-related projects, individuals or groups through programs such as:

  • Get Playing Places and Spaces Program
  • Get Playing Plus Program
  • Recreation Planning Program
  • Young Athletes Travel Subsidy
  • Get Going Clubs Program
  • Get Out, Get Active Program

Support cycling events, including:

  • Ride to Work events
  • Ride to School events
  • Queensland Bike Week
  • Brisbane to Gold Coast Cycle Challenge
  • Cycle Queensland
  • cycling cultural events
  • other events to grow cycling participation.
Collaborate across Queensland Government to encourage walking and cycling, particularly for transport.
Review available research to inform strategies, message selection and target audiences to increase physical activity levels of Queenslanders, including through walking and cycling.
Supporting the choice to cycle

We will support communities’ efforts to encourage more people to ride through events, bicycle education and behaviour change programs. Over the next two years we will focus on the following actions.

Actions 2017-2019
Investigate opportunities such as support for events, bicycle education, behaviour change programs and a public liability insurance scheme to support and leverage cycling community efforts to grow cycling participation, with a focus on women and children.
Publish resource on bicycle education, promotion of cycling and behaviour change programs, using the lessons learned from the Active Towns Pilot Program.
Offering incentives to ride

We will encourage workplaces to become rider friendly and promote cycling to work and leverage new technologies to make riding more convenient. Over the next two years we will focus on the following actions.

Actions 2017-2019
Publish a guide to inform workplaces in Queensland about how they can run a bicycle fleet for their staff and common pitfalls to avoid to support creation of more cycle-friendly workplaces.
Investigate feasibility of running an electric bicycle trial to showcase the benefits of cycling and to understand the potential of electric bicycles to overcome some of the barriers to cycling.

Continue exploring our priorities for cycling in Queensland

Measuring progress 

Data will enable us to track our progress in embedding cycling into Queensland’s transport system, culture, communities and economy.

Queensland Cycling Strategy suite

Cycling Action Plan 2017-2019

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State of Cycling Report 2017

Monitoring our progress every two years