Powering the economy

Getting more people cycling, more often will help power Queensland’s economy and revitalise local communities. Well-planned cycling infrastructure pays itself off in health benefits and reduced traffic congestion. Cycling and cycling events can also promote jobs, increase tourism and contribute revenue to local businesses.

Whole countries to small towns all around the world have invested in cycling with substantial benefits to their economies, jobs and transport systems. Investing in cycling as a mode of transport for recreation and tourism will help to power Queensland’s economy.

We will power the cycling economy across two key action areas:

Investing in cycle tourism

We will support cycle tourism across the state. Over the next two years we will focus on the following actions.

Actions 2020–2022
Invest $14 million between 2017–18 and 2020–21 through the Rail Trail Local Government Grants program to develop, deliver and manage rail trails in partnership with local governments on disused rail corridors.
Progress strategic planning for the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail that will consider marketing opportunities, planning and prioritisation of proposed infrastructure upgrades and governance arrangements
Research national and international best practice and the opportunities for recreational trails development in Queensland and publish the findings.
Continue to investigate feasibility of a marked cycling route from Brisbane to Gold Coast including options for branding and marketing, infrastructure upgrades, governance arrangements, funding and staged delivery.
Undertake a study of the Moreton Bay Cycleway to identify missing links and improvements needed to inform future investment in the cycleway at state and local government levels.
Support development of bicycle tourism experiences in Queensland.
Publish and promote research on bicycle tourism market opportunities for Queensland to support developers of tourism experiences.
Investigate a method for capturing, measuring and reporting on growth in bicycle tourism in Queensland and specific destinations.
Supporting bike business

We will promote the benefits of cycling to local and state economies and look at ways of supporting bike-friendly businesses. Over the next two years we will focus on the following actions.

Actions 2020–2022
Engage with Queensland businesses to assess options for supporting them in providing a welcoming environment and facilities for people arriving by bike.
Publish a resource to highlight the benefits to Queensland businesses of being bike-friendly and provide tips on how they can become more bike-friendly.

Continue exploring our priorities for cycling in Queensland

Measuring progress 

Data will enable us to track our progress in embedding cycling into Queensland’s transport system, culture, communities and economy.

Queensland Cycling Strategy suite

Cycling Action Plan 2020–2022

Our actions for the next two years

State of Cycling Report 2019

Monitoring our progress every two years