Encouraging more people to ride

Queenslanders choose to ride because it’s a healthy, enjoyable and environmentally-friendly activity. We will work across government and within communities through education and promotion to encourage even more people to ride.

Just about everyone can take part in cycling, even if they haven’t been on a bike for years. It’s just a matter of getting started. Showing people the benefits of cycling and promoting it as a safe, convenient and enjoyable way to travel and to connect to their community is fundamental to growing cycling throughout Queensland.

We will encourage more people to ride across four key action areas:

Educating new riders

We will develop and tailor cycling education programs so they are relevant to the different ways and reasons people ride bikes. Over the next two years we will focus on the following actions.

Actions 2020–2022
Support education projects through Community Road Safety Grants to teach children about road safety, bike riding skills and safety equipment, and how to safely navigate where they ride.
Promoting cycling and its benefits

We will increase awareness of the benefits of cycling and support organisations to increase cycling participation. Over the next two years we will focus on the following actions.

Actions 2020–2022
Develop a fun and engaging campaign to promote and highlight the benefits of riding a bike.
Support bicycle riding events, including:
  • Ride to Work events
  • Ride to School events
  • Brisbane to Gold Coast Challenge
  • Big Beach Ride
  • Great Brisbane Bike Ride
  • Rail Trail Adventure
  • cycling cultural events
  • other events to grow cycling participation
Support delivery of the Brisbane Cycling Festival including professional and amateur mass participation and spectator cycling events with an extensive program of activities for residents and visitors to engage with and promote bicycle riding.
Support Queensland-based state level sport and active recreation organisations such as peak sport cycling bodies through Active Industry grants to deliver state-wide initiatives, services and events to maximise participation and quality of sport and active recreation in Queensland.
Support sport and recreation events, that include bicycle riding, through the Department of Housing and Public Works sponsorship opportunities.
Support individuals and communities in need, through a range of initiatives, to participate in physical activity including bicycle riding.
Regularly share information and support collaboration across Queensland Government to get more people riding, walking and physically active.
Develop a set of built and natural environment indicators to inform bicycle riding infrastructure priorities and investments
Promote bicycle riding as part of health and wellbeing communications and campaigns such as Healthier.Happier.
Provide easy access to information on riding in Queensland on the Queensland Government website.
Calculate and compare travel time to key centres by different methods of travel to inform bike riding encouragement initiatives.
Supporting the choice to cycle

We will support communities’ efforts to encourage more people to ride through events, bicycle education and behaviour change programs. Over the next two years we will focus on the following actions.

Actions 2020–2022
Support community driven projects to encourage more Queenslanders to ride a bike
Deliver a targeted pilot of promotion and engagement activities to encourage increased use of a major new or upgraded cycleways such as the Veloway 1.
Offering incentives to ride

We will encourage workplaces to become rider friendly and promote cycling to work and leverage new technologies to make riding more convenient. Over the next two years we will focus on the following actions.

Actions 2020–2022
Explore opportunities with the private sector to provide electric bicycles (e-bikes) to allow employees to experience using e-bikes for work travel and to understand how e-bikes influence travel behaviour.

Continue exploring our priorities for cycling in Queensland

Measuring progress 

Data will enable us to track our progress in embedding cycling into Queensland’s transport system, culture, communities and economy.

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Cycling Action Plan 2020–2022

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Monitoring our progress every two years