Improving the TMR Cycling Infrastructure Policy implementation

Bike path next to a railway line
Making sure bicycle riding is prioritised in state transport projects.

Overview of action

Action 1.22, Queensland Cycling Action Plan 2017–2019
Status: complete

Update the TMR Cycling Infrastructure Policy to better provide for cycling as part of state transport projects on principal cycle routes.


We have reviewed and made improvements to the Department of Transport and Main Roads’ Cycling Infrastructure Policy to make sure bicycle riding is prioritised in state transport projects.

The policy requires us to consider and provide for bicycle riders during planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of the state-controlled transport network. The location of the project determines what needs to be provided.

Following an extensive internal consultation process, we released an updated policy in 2017,provided training resources and promoted the policy to departmental staff. We also published case studies to highlight how the policy has achieved positive cycling outcomes.

Next steps

We will regularly review, update and monitor the implementation of the Cycling Infrastructure Policy.

Lead agency

Department of Transport and Main Roads

More information

Read the Cycling Infrastructure Policy.