Sharing the road with heavy vehicles: online engagement getting results

Graphic representing a truck about to pass a bike rider along a road with a speed limit of 70 km/h
Social media graphic used to raise awareness of safe bike rider passing distances for heavy vehicle drivers.

Overview of action

Action 3.2, Queensland Cycling Action Plan 2017–2019
Status: complete

Deliver promotion and education on sharing the road with heavy vehicles and bikes as part of the Road Rules Communication Action Plan.


Social media is being used to help educate heavy vehicle drivers and bikes riders to share the road safely.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads has developed a series of educational social media posts covering issues such as the blind spots of heavy vehicles, safe passing distances, and other road rules and safety issues. We distributed posts on our social media channels.

As awareness and knowledge of social media followers increased, we created new posts with more detailed information about road rules, to further develop the understanding of audiences.

Social media offers us the unique opportunity to engage directly with our customers and the public. This has allowed us to promote key messages such as sharing the road safely and in turn has enabled us to refresh road rule knowledge.

Stakeholders such as the Australian Trucking Association and bicycle advocacy groups have showed support for the education project by sharing posts.

Our social media posts were also complemented by safety messages posted regularly on the StreetSmarts social media channels.

Evaluation of engagement with the posts on social media shows that they have been an effective way of engaging the community to help increase road users’ knowledge of road rules.

A TMR Facebook  post (29 April 2019) promoting a heavy vehicle observing the safe passing distance when sharing the road with bike riders reached approximately 35,000 people and elicited 662 comments. This was an organic, unpaid post which also gained 14% engagement.

StreetSmarts social media posts regularly reach over half a million people. StreetSmarts' post (15 July 2019) advising bike riders to give heavy vehicles room when turning reached approximately 300,000 people and was shared 199 times, while the post from 15 March 2019 promoting the stay wider of the rider message reached 575,000 people.

Next steps

We will continue to publish social media posts and other communications that promote positive and safe interactions between heavy vehicles and bike riders through the delivery of the Road Rules Communication Action Plan.

Lead agency

Department of Transport and Main Roads