More bicycle parking at Queensland Rail stations


Woman securely parking her bike at a Citytrain station.
Securely parking a bike at a Citytrain station.

Overview of action

Action 1.17, Queensland Cycling Action Plan 2017–2019
Status: complete

Develop strategy to improve provision, management and optimise use of bicycle facilities at all stations on the Citytrain network.


Having bicycle parking facilities at all stations on the Citytrain network helps bicycle riders to combine riding and public transport on their journey.

In 2017, Queensland Rail developed a strategy to improve planning for, provision and management of bicycle parking facilities to ensure facilities are convenient and accessible.

Since 2017, bicycle facilities have been increased, including:

  • enclosures installed at 7 stations
  • racks installed at 33 stations.

In addition, Queensland Rail installed one ‘bike repair’ centre inside the bike enclosure at Eagle Junction station. This allows bike users of the Eagle Junction enclosure to pump tyres (including gauge) and repair their bikes with an assortment of bike tools. The unique location was chosen as there is ample space within the enclosure which enables easy access to the repair centre and still allow bike parking and room to move around.

Next steps

Queensland Rail’s goal is to make it easier for customers to combine riding and public transport by providing facilities at stations. Queensland Rail will continue to regularly review the provision and use of secure bike parking at all Citytrain stations to better understand where to add and improve facilities.

Lead agency

Queensland Rail

More information

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