Investigating new technology for cyclist safety

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Using technology to improve safety for bike riders

Overview of action

Action 3.3, Queensland Cycling Action Plan 2017–2019
Status: complete

Investigate technology solutions to reduce crash risk for vulnerable road users, including cyclists.


The Department of Transport and Main Roads is delivering the Cooperative and Automated Vehicle Initiative (CAVI) to help prepare for the arrival of new vehicle technologies with safety, mobility and environmental benefits on Queensland roads. One component of CAVI is the vulnerable road user pilot which is looking at how new technology applications can benefit vulnerable road user safety including bicycle riders.

In conjunction with the iMove vulnerable road user working committee for Queensland, we conducted a series of workshops with stakeholders to explore technology solutions to reduce the risk of accidents for vulnerable road users such as bicycle riders. Nine projects were shortlisted during this process and they participated in a pitch day in April 2019.

As a result of this process, we entered into a project agreement with iMove and the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). The project, to be delivered by QUT, aims to develop a proof of concept system to share critical safety data between vehicles and vulnerable road users. The system is intended to improve driver awareness so they can avoid collisions with people riding bikes that may be visually obscured or overlooked.

If the proof of concept project is successful, our intent is to progress with a future project to test the system with road users and explore incentives that would attract people to use the system.

Next steps

The QUT project is expected to be complete in March 2021. We are continuing to work with iMove on opportunities for future research and projects that will assist in improving safety of road users.

Lead agency

Department of Transport and Main Roads