Scott’s story – encouraging children to ride to school

A teacher stands with a students

And it’s a long way from when he was a kid himself, riding the 10 minutes to his primary school every day.

Back then, riding to school wasn’t a big deal—it was just what you did,” Scott said.

“Now, we see parents who live just around the corner from the school who still drive, because they’re worried about safety.”

Scott would love to see more kids riding to school, as a fun and easy way for kids to get some exercise.

“Childhood obesity is a big problem, and kids spend more time in front of screens than ever before,” Scott said.

“Riding to school is one of the few opportunities kids have to be active while going about everyday life. And of course, we need parents to be more active as well—they have a big role to play.”

Having worked in several Queensland schools over the years, Scott says the infrastructure around the school can make all the difference.

“Numbers vary from school to school, but from what I’ve seen, kids are a lot more likely to ride where there are dedicated bike paths, which make riding a lot safer.

“Making sure there are safe speed limits and enough space for vehicles and bikes is also really important,” Scott said.

“We provide a lock-up area for bikes, but it’s only ever half full and that’s why we’re about to start the Active School Travel program.

“The program is tailored to each school to promote healthy ways to travel to create more active students, greater road safety awareness and less traffic at the school gate.

“We hope this will help encourage more of our students to get on their bikes.”