Luke’s story – sharing our roads safely

A man dressed in cycling clothing, rides along the edge of a quiet road with the ocean behind him.

As a police officer and cyclist, Luke from Mission Beach in North Queensland has seen a lot of variation in the way cyclists and motorists share the road, but he says things are getting better.

“Here in Mission Beach, we find the locals are mostly very good at sharing the road. And things are improving as more people choose to cycle.”

Cycling has always been a big part of Luke’s life, and he hopes to see more people take it up.

“I’ve had bikes since I was a little kid—I’ve never not had a bike,” Luke said.

“I’ve cycled to commute to work, and I regularly ride to get out and about and explore on and off road areas.”

“There’s a good community of cyclists here in the north. I often ride with a group and am part of the Cassowary Coast Multisport Club. Right now I’m also riding to get fit for the Ironman triathlon.”

“I think education is key to make cycling a bigger part of our culture.”

“We’re making progress already—the message is getting out there to leave at least a metre, or more in high speed areas, when passing a bike.

“But we need more, especially for kids—if we can get them educated from a young age, generations to come will grow up with the right attitude and be healthier.”

As a police officer, for Luke, an important part of that education is about safety.

“In most cases, when we see crashes between people driving cars and people riding bikes, it’s simply that the person driving the car didn’t see the rider,” Luke said.

“Everyone who uses our roads has a responsibility to share our roads safely and should look out for each other.”