Jan’s story – Bicycle User Groups promoting more cycling

A woman happily rides along a path next to the ocean
* photo courtesy of Sharyn Moodie

Jan Boyd started cycling again at the age of 58 and it almost immediately became a way of life.

But when she first started riding again, Jan found the lack of cycling infrastructure such as separated cycleways and connected paths to be a barrier to riding. She wanted to help make improvements in her local community.

In 2006, Jan established the Capricorn Coast Bicycle User Group (BUG).

“The BUG gives us a voice in the local Council. People know we’re here and we advocate for improving cycling infrastructure around our area to help make our town sustainable into the future,” Jan said.

“We have achieved a lot over the years. One of our greatest achievements was the opening of the first stage of the Capricorn Coast Rail Trail—a 4.5 kilometre shared-use path built on the disused railway corridor.”

“BUGs like us bring people together in regional areas. Our BUG has regular rides that are social and inclusive, even if you have no prior experience as a cyclist.

“We have people ready and able to help others to start riding, or to get back on their bike,” Jan said.

Jan wants more people to use cycling as a means of transport, rather than just for recreation.

“We need to get out of our cars,” she said.

“The growth in cycling as a means of transport needs to continue. It’s good for our health and the environment, and it’s a much safer way to travel.”