Corin’s story – mountain biking for fun and fitness

For Corin, nothing beats hopping on her mountain bike at the end of the work week to pick her way up steep mountain trails through gravel, rocks and tree roots, before flying freely down the mountain trails.

"Almost every weekend, we head to one of the great local mountain bike trails around Brisbane—there’s lots of different places you can ride," Corin said.

"Going up can be extremely hard work, but it helps to keep me fit."

"Then there is nothing more liberating than the feeling of racing down a mountain at speed."

Corin has been mountain biking for almost two years and has recently started pushing herself further, taking part in mountain biking events and ladies-only racing.

"At first, I was worried about my fitness level, that I wouldn’t be able to keep up. But everyone is so friendly and respectful on the track. If you are slower than they are, they’ll wait until you’re ready before passing you," Corin said.

"For me, and lots of others, it’s a sport that’s not all about winning. It’s about meeting new people, having fun and getting exercise."

Corin’s cycling has also taken her to places she would have never otherwise visited.

"We have travelled a lot and organised trips away with new people to explore new trails throughout Queensland, and all over the country and overseas," she said.

"Now, what I really need are three-day weekends, to give me more time for riding!"