Case study: Caloundra cycle tracks – best practice design

An image of the South Caloundra bike track, with bikes and arrows printed on the track which is sectioned off from the main road by a garden.

In Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast, new cycling infrastructure guidelines are making cycling easier, informing more direct, safe and comfortable cycling routes around new housing developments.
Developed in the Caloundra South Priority Development Area, the separated cycle tracks are an excellent example of Queensland’s leading design in cycling infrastructure.
Economic Development Queensland worked with the Department of Transport and Main Roads, the developer (Stockland) and the Sunshine Coast Regional Council to incorporate separated cycle tracks as a key feature throughout the entire development, which will ultimately be home to approximately 50,000 people.
The cycle tracks are bicycle-only facilities that provide priority at intersections and complete separation from the vehicle lanes and pedestrians, creating a safer ride for cyclists and a better traffic flow.
As a result, the residents and visitors of this community now have the option to hop on their bike and ride safely to services, shops, work and community spaces—saving them money, improving their health and helping the environment.