Games LinQ to provide shuttle buses for GC2018

Photo of TMR’s GC2018 Executive Director Graeme Krisanski with Games LinQ Managing Director Matthew Joyce, GOLDOC Chairman Peter Beattie AC and GOLDOC CEO Mark Peters.

Games LinQ have been awarded the largest event transport contract in Queensland history to provide shuttle buses and drivers during the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. The fleet of up to 800 buses will be responsible for transporting athletes, officials, spectators, media and accredited workforce during the Games next year. TransLink Deputy Director-General Matt Longland … Read more

QLDTraffic helps Queenslanders during disaster

Photo of a Road Closed sign in front of a road which is flooded

The landfall and aftermath of Tropical Cyclone Debbie marked the first opportunity for QLDTraffic – TMR’s new traffic and travel information service – to really prove itself during a major emergency on Queensland’s transport network. Built as a modern, flexible replacement for the old 131940 service, QLDTraffic includes a new website and smartphone app, as … Read more

Foamed bitumen pavements thwart ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie

Photo of Camp Cable Road on Mt Lindesay Rd intersection underwater during flood

Transport and Main Roads’ investment in research and innovation is paying big dividends in the wake of ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie, with millions of dollars saved through more resilient pavements. The department’s foamed bitumen pavements, which when constructed in the right environment with appropriate stabilisation are more resilient to flooding, have survived unscathed in some of … Read more

Less asphalt means more savings, more innovation

Extremely close photo of black asphalt

We’ve partnered with the Australian Road Research Board through the National Asset Centre of Excellence (NACoE) on some exciting new infrastructure research. Our new Technical Note (TN167) describes how thinner asphalt pavements can be used in Queensland’s warm climate without detracting from the pavement performance. With conventional asphalt mixes we expect to be able to … Read more

Digital billboards – the future of roadside advertising realised

Extremely close photo of a blue LED screen

It wasn’t long ago that plasma screens started appearing in homes across Australia, bringing us in touch with a future only imagined in sci-fi and deep space thrillers. A screen so thin you can mount it on a wall? Crazy. Fast forward 15 years and Australia is at the forefront of digital roadside advertising, using … Read more

Motorcycle law changes are right around the corner

Motorcycle riders are some of our most vulnerable road users, with riders and passengers over-represented in the road toll. The skills you need to ride a motorcycle are vital for your safety on the road and, like most things, they are developed over time with practice and experience. Last year, we asked you how you thought the … Read more