I’m future-proofing tomorrow’s public transport from my home office, today

Navjeet Kaur is proof that spending time with your family doesn’t have to come at the cost of a fulfilling career.

As manager of TMR’s Rail Planning team, Navjeet’s work is critical to identifying and securing the land corridors that will form the rail transport pathways of the future – no small feat.

“I’ve been in the department for about nine years in various roles and I’ve really enjoyed coming to work almost every day.

“TMR has given me the opportunity to really pursue my passion for transport and land use planning, and I am humbled that I’ve had the opportunity to contribute towards building better cities and regions through my work.

And while she may be working with the future in mind, the way Navjeet works is very much in the present, with flexible work arrangements making it easy for her to prioritise quality time with her family now.

“TMR recognises that people have lives outside of work.  I am a mum and I use TMR’s flexible work arrangements to work from home one day a week.

“It allows me my most productive time and it also allows me to be involved in my kid’s school activities.  And in doing that, I want to make sure that I keep giving my best because of the support TMR gives me,” Navjeet said.

Being part of a passionate team while contributing to the greater good is also a key driver for Navjeet’s decision to develop her career within TMR.

“I’ve not come across many organisations where people absolutely love what they do.  And hand on heart, I see so many of us here.  Who are passionate about why they work in TMR.

“They are talented, they are very supportive and they lead by example – I think that culture of continuous learning and improvement is what makes TMR great.”

As a manager, Navjeet’s focus is now on ‘paying it forward’ to her team by leading, mentoring and supporting them in their work/life balance and career aspirations.

“I’ve been supported and challenged by TMR to stretch myself through training, secondments and on-the-job opportunities, and now I get to encourage my team to do the same.

“Collectively, we’re working on some really great projects which will, over a period of time, have huge impact on the people that live in Queensland for generations going forward,” she said.

Navjeet also has some inspiring advice for anyone considering joining TMR:

“I’ve often encouraged people I know to come and work with us because I think we’re an organisation which does very interesting work and has great people.

“Not many organisations have that mix of both,” she said.

So, if you’re interested in a role where you can develop your career while enjoying the benefits of a flexible work environment, follow TMR on LinkedIn to find out about upcoming vacancies!