4 Ps that make the Department of Transport and Main Roads a great place for an internship

My journey in Australia begins with the Australian Awards Scholarship.

My name’s Erlinda. As a post-graduate student at the University of Queensland, I was fortune to be a part of Communication Services team at the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) Queensland as an intern. I had a remarkable experience during my ten days internship with the team over the course of five weeks.

A short-term internship give me the opportunity to experience the application of my field of study, Communication for Public Relations and Professional Communication, in a real-life work situation.

Back in my home country Indonesia, government communication is a crucial yet less-prioritised field, so as a public servant I applied for an Australian Awards Scholarship and joined one of the top 10 universities in Australia, the University of Queensland, to provide knowledge and skills which I can use to improve my workplace.

In my final semester, an internship opportunity with TMR facilitated my three development goals: academic, professional, and personal.

As such, several tasks and discussions with the Communication Services team members during the internship fed my master thesis project about the professionalism of public relations in the Indonesian government sector.

So, for me, people, that is the team members, are the heroes in bringing inclusivity, respect, and synergy to the surface. I am a non-Western student wearing a hijab, but I did not feel any inconveniences from being different and enjoyed enlightening discussion with them.

Moreover, high performance is the middle name of Communication Services team as the team is packed full of TMR CUBIE Employee Awards nominees and has received Australasian awards for their reporting standards.

No wonder my experience as an intern was impressive, ranging from revitalising the communications section on the Department intranet, synthesizing learnings from the recent event of Cyclone Debbie, and engaging with road safety issues through the 2017 road safety campaign and Speed Conversation Strategy.

Furthermore, an advanced and integrated ICT system makes the business process clear and flow effectively, which I believe my office in Indonesia can copy in the future.

Finally, the Communication Services office itself is a great place where it feels like home with creative decorations, personal collections, art works, team photos, and colourful designs ready to cheers up the day.

In conclusion, I would say TMR successfully marries working performance and adjustable learning process. I do recommend any graduates apply to work at TMR because it is a great place for internship as long as you are determined to learn and feel confidence to contribute.