TMR leaders give their time for innovative “Shadow the CEO” program

Congratulations to Zoe Eather, Project Engineer from Customer Service, Safety and Regulation Division who is the successful 2017 candidate for this cutting edge program.

The Shadow the CEO program is in its third year and allows the successful candidate to shadow our Director-General, Neil Scales, for one day per week for three months.

Zoe says she’s gotten a stack out of this unique opportunity already.  She was surprised to find just how closely she gets to shadow our Director-General, Neil Scales.  As part of the program Zoe shadows Neil to all his meetings on her allocated day.  She’s even had the chance to meet the Minister for Main Roads, Road Safety and Ports, The Honourable Mark Bailey.

This program is contemporary, not just for Queensland Government, but also in the wider corporate industry.  It has been introduced by Transport and Main Road’s executive leadership team to develop TMR’s future leaders and to foster an open and inclusive leadership style.  It also aims to improve senior leaders’ accessibility for employees at all levels.

Zoe is impressed with how authentic the program is. “It’s been great watching Neil, he really walks the talk in our business. Straight away I noticed how approachable he is and how he empowers people to make decisions.

“I feel really included, Neil often asks me to read materials and asks me for my feedback.”