Operation Safe Vehicle – Transport Inspector’s Perspective

Close up of vehicle damage

At TMR, we’re committed to promoting road safety. We’re all about ensuring Queensland road users have confidence in our network and can reach their destinations safely.

With school holidays in full swing, more and more drivers are heading out on the road with their family and friends to experience our wonderful state – and with more people using our network, it’s is a timely reminder to make sure your vehicle(s) is in a suitable condition to be on the road.

In early March, we implemented Operation Safe Vehicle – Holiday, an initiative designed to help keep Queenslanders safe on the roads these school holidays.

As a part of the operation, our transport inspectors performed roadside checks to ensure vehicles were mechanically safe, for the safety of all road users.

Over the course of the week-long operation, we checked approximately 1,700 vehicles statewide. While the majority of drivers were operating their vehicle safely and legally, around 40 infringements and 300 defect notices were issued. Most of the infringements were for vehicles not meeting safety standards and another third were for operating an unregistered vehicle.

As for the defect notices, of the defects identified, we found 45 major defects and one dangerous defect – this meant these vehicles were deemed unsuitable to be on the road or there was an immediate danger to nearby road users.

In order for these vehicles to be legally operated on the road again, the mechanical or safety issues outlined on the defect noticed need to be fixed and the vehicle re-inspected at a TMR compliance office.

Major safety issues can often arise from vehicle neglect or from small issues which may have been overlooked over time.

Prevention, rather than repair, is the key to maintaining vehicle safety – and it’s generally cheaper too.

Simple checks you can take to maintain the safety of your vehicle(s) include testing the lights, checking tyre wear, trialling brakes, checking steering and suspension and examining wind-screens for cracks and chips.

These quick, but important steps, can be done, in addition to ensuring your driver’s licence, registration and Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance are all current each time you get behind the wheel.