Holidays to remember


Ahh, Christmas.

That magical time of year we stuff poultry into ovens in 35-degree heat, take on a million social commitments, and attempt to accommodate and entertain the extended family.

What other time of the year stresses our bodies and minds like Christmas?  Just thinking about the festive season is enough to make your eye twitch.

The problem is, all of that holiday stress and business can spill over to our behaviour on the road.

Last year, in the December-January school holiday period 650 people were killed or seriously injured on Queensland roads.

Think of the ripple effect, on top of those 650 lives – their families, their friends, their neighbours. Christmas for all these people will never be same.

These holidays, you can make a difference.  Make the choice that road safety is everyone’s responsibility – and that can start with you.

Take turns being the designated driver – if you know you’re going to have a drink, plan ahead.

Stick to the speed limit and drive to the conditions.  Turn your phone on silent.  Wear your seatbelt. And don’t drive tired.

Make memories this holidays for all the right reasons – beach trips, water fights, parties with friends, backyard cricket, taking the kids to Grandma’s, volunteering to help those who are alone this time of year.

Our holidays are about spending time with our loved ones and making the kind of memories that get us through the tough times.

So, this year, what will your holidays be remembered for?


Kerrie Tregenza

Senior Manager

Community Road Safety