Australian Marine Environment Protection Association wins support from Google


A Queensland-developed real time portal with the potential to monitor the emissions of ships in more than 3000 ports in 170 countries is in the running to win the Google Impact Challenge.

The Ports Emission Portal was developed by the Australian Marine Environment Protection Association (AUSMEPA), a not-for-profit organisation run mainly by volunteers who play an important role in promoting environmental awareness and protecting the marine environment.
Every year Google holds the “Google Impact Challenge” an initiative that supports non-profit organisations pursue technology ventures that help solve the world’s biggest social challenges.

This year AUSMEPA has been announced as one of the 10 finalists in Australia. As a finalist the Port Emissions Portal will receive a grant of $250k and goes in the running to be one of the three winners to win an additional $500k grant.

Maritime Safety Queensland is proud to endorse AUSMEPA’s commitment to protecting our marine environment and by casting your vote you too can play a part in making this ground breaking Australian innovation a reality.

AUSMEPA was founded on 13 July 2000 when gathering of men and women from a wide range of shipping industry, government and private sector organisations met on the banks of the Brisbane River and signed a declaration of Voluntary Commitment to Save the Seas.

Shipping is the world’s most cost effective and efficient mode of transport however it still equates for 2.5 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions. Now, whilst this is a relatively small percentage in the grand scheme of emissions it is still significant and is expected to increase notably in the future.

AUSMEPA is taking the lead role in developing a real time portal that will enable the shipping industry to monitor and measure air quality and shifts in air patterns. This information will assist in assessing levels of pollutants emitted into the environment by vessels traversing and idling in ports.

The Port Emissions Portal has the potential to connect more than 3000 ports across 179 countries worldwide and the data sourced will be used to produce the first interactive view of ship emissions within ports throughout the world.

The Port Emissions Portal is good news for Queenslanders, as it will give us real data on ship-based port emissions for the first time. This data will allow shipping stakeholders to monitor and set realistic benchmarks which will contribute to the reduction of port based pollution along our shipping corridors including the Great Barrier Reef area.

Voting is open 4-26 October 2016 at Google Impact Challenge.
More information on AUSMEPA can be found at their website –

Patrick Quirk
General Manager
Maritime Safety Queensland