Slow down for Safe Work Month


Imagine working every day on a railway platform, one metre from the tracks, as trains rush past. This is what it is like for a large number of our staff who work on roadworks sites around Queensland.

Unlike trains, however, cars don’t always stay on track, and the consequences can be deadly.

That is why we ask you to pay particular care around roadworks. We want our colleagues and everyone on the road to get home to their families safely.

October is Safe Work Month, a national initiative that highlights the importance of safety in every work environment.

TMR is committed to providing a safe work environment for our people and road users – and when your ‘office’ is a roadworks site, managing workplace safety is particularly challenging.

We know that slowing down is an inconvenience, and appreciate that you are busy. We also know that it may not be obvious why we are asking you to slow down. There are lots of reasons why speed limits are reduced on roadworks, and while our workers’ safety is a big one, your safety is also vitally important to us.

Even if workers aren’t on site right now, perhaps the lanes are narrower than usual. Perhaps there are no shoulders on the road. Perhaps the lanes have changed or been diverted, or the surface uneven. All of these things make it more dangerous to travel through a roadworks site.

When you add in a high volume of traffic on the road, drivers distracted by mobile phones, speeding, tailgating, driving poorly or just being aggressive, roadworks can be very dangerous indeed.

Every year across Queensland we see crashes – and many near misses – at road works, and usually speeding is the cause.

We see drivers failing to stop when directed to, not paying attention and actually driving into the construction area and rear-end crashes – all of which threaten the safety of roadworkers and other drivers on the road.

So when you approach a roadworks zone please slow down, stay calm, be patient and follow the directions of traffic controllers and signs.

To help us keep everyone safe, drive to the changed road conditions:

  • Keep an eye out for roadworkers
  • Slow down, obey the signed speed limits
  • Be patient
  • Expect the unexpected
  • Be alert, always follow road signs and roadworker instructions
  • Keep to the reduced speed limit throughout the roadworks
  • Keep a safe distance between your vehicle and other vehicles traffic barriers, construction equipment and roadworks
  • Ensure you are in the correct lane to avoid last minute lane changes.

Roadwork sites are an important part of our work as we keep this great State moving – so please, slow down and take care. Oh, and give our traffic controllers a wave as you go by!

Bill Lansbury
General Manager RoadTek