Young people take the reins – Settle Down Stallion


My name is Kiarah, I’m 19-years-old and live on the sunny Gold Coast. In June last year, I lost a very close member of my family in a car accident, she was 18 years old and on her Red Ps.

Fast forward to September 2015 and I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I saw a post from TMR calling for young people to participate in the Co-Lab Youth Innovation Challenge. Considering my recent loss, I thought that this was a great opportunity for my concerns to be heard by the people that matter in Government.

At Co-Lab, I was teamed up with four other super cool young people and we came up with the Settle Down Stallion idea, that includes a video and social media posts. Sometimes young drivers treat driving like a party, and our aim is to change this social attitude.  Our ‘Stallion’ is a bit of a speed demon, and is more concerned about impressing his mates than arriving safely at his destination.

Settle Down Stallion is a phrase that we hope can be taken on and used during crucial moments when you see your mate driving in a risky and unsafe way. Your mate takes off at a set off lights way too fast? Settle Down Stallion. Your friend has that new Biebs song blasting a little too loud? Settle Down Stallion.


Since our video went live, it’s been flooding my social media, it pops up all the time! I’ve been keeping an eye out on the comments section of the videos and my heart is full of pride as the public receives the campaign so well. Young people are having a laugh and are even tagging the Stallions they know, exactly the affect we hope to achieve.

Let’s hold our mates accountable for all the lives they’ve got to protect while they’re behind the wheel. Do you have a Stallion mate that needs to see our video? Get sharing!

This post is written by Kiarah Kelly, who, with Mitchell Leikvold, Nicholas Sutherland, Jackson Herz and Shelley Walker, came up with the Settle Down Stallion campaign idea.