I bought a U-Boat for one euro: The Autumn Leadership Lecture Series


TMR Director General Neil Scales champions the department’s Learning and Development at every opportunity, and recently delivered the Director General’s Autumn Leadership Lecture series.

Neil is passionate about exploring new ways to enrich the department’s learning options, and the series involved four one hour lectures, which covered:

  • Authentic leadership – a discussion on the fundamentals of strategy, communication, common traits of leaders and the difference between management and leadership
  • Competing priorities –  a discussion on resilience, how to navigate constant competing priorities and asking for help
  • Mega trends – how Queensland may respond to key transport opportunities and challenges over the next 30 years
  • I bought a U-Boat for one euro, innovative solutions to real world problems, and how problems can present an opportunity for innovation.

TMR’s General Leadership Team (AO8 and above) were invited to the lectures where they were provided unique insights into the challenges and opportunities which have arisen throughout Neil’s career, including his experience buying U534, a World War II submarine, and transforming the rusting hulk into a popular tourist attraction for Merseytravel in the UK.

Neil shared learning based on both research and personal experience, transforming the theoretical into practical. This enabled employees to take away tangible outcomes they could apply back in the workplace.

This approach is one of the many commitments that both Neil and the department has made to share knowledge and provide for the capability development of employees. TMR is dedicated to delivering on Learning and Development strengthening their position as an employer of choice.

Feedback on the lecture series has been positive and Neil is currently looking to understand other leadership insights that TMR leaders may like to know more about. He will look to deliver more lectures in the future based on these findings.

You can read more about U534 here

Dave Waters
General Manager
TMR Human Resources