Fatality Free Friday

Stop Sign Seen Through Wet Vehicle Window In Rainy Season
Stop Sign Seen Through Wet Vehicle Window In Rainy Season

243 people died on Queensland’s roads last year, and many thousands more were injured.

We at the Department of Transport and Main Roads are committed to reducing that terrible toll, both by engineering better roads and raising awareness of road safety.

That is why we support Fatality Free Friday (FFF), a month-long campaign that highlights that road safety is everyone’s responsibility, and encourages all drivers to pledge their intention to drive safely.

An initiative of the Australian Road Safety Foundation, FFF encourages individuals, businesses and communities to challenge motorists to consider the human cost of road crashes, and what they can do to drive safely.

While Fatality Free Friday aims for no road deaths on Friday 27 May, we’re ultimately asking people to make the roads safer for everyone, every day of the year.

TMR is proud to support this important road safety campaign, but we want to make it clear we want every day to be fatality free on our roads.

Wear a seatbelt and make sure your children are properly restrained; stick within the speed limit; if you’re going to drink, make a plan not to drive; don’t drive when you’re tired and don’t use your mobile phone when you are driving.

It is also important for drivers to take care at level crossings; slow down and be alert near schools; drive to conditions, particularly in wet weather; don’t tailgate; put your lights on for safety, and remind your friends, family and workmates to take extra care on the roads.

Our Regional TMR staff have organised a number of local activities and events to acknowledge FFF, and I encourage you all to try and attend one in your local area.

Over the month of May, you will have the opportunity to sign an inflatable car key at various locations across the state and collect a Fatality Free Friday key ring which you can put on your car keys as a constant reminder of your personal road safety pledge.

For more information, and to see what is happening in your local area, visit www.fatalityfreefriday.com.

Mike Stapleton
Deputy Director-General, Customer Services Safety and Regulation