TMR is Open for Innovation – #igniteTMR

The Department of Transport and Main Roads is open for innovation. Our Innovation Team were out and about at the Advance Queensland Innovation and Investment Summit this week, held at the Royal International Conference Centre (RNA showgrounds).

TMR took the opportunity to engage with local, national and international innovation leaders, start-ups, venture capitalists and research experts on their vision for the future of transport.

Contributions helped us build a wall of impressive ideas focused around:

  • Reaching for the stars – Delegates want us to embrace a radical future rather than incremental change. Regional participants were particularly interested in pilot programs for innovative ideas coming to the north. And of course there is great excitement about autonomous vehicles on our roads.
  • Integrating with our customers – Making public transport an experience is what our customers want, according to delegates. With smart phones and devices we can interact directly to create a shift towards public transport as a cultural and social experience.
  • Sweating our space – Building up was a recurring topic. How can we use our existing corridors more intensively?
  • Thinking outside the box – How can we use emerging technologies such a holograms to relieve pressure on our congested networks? How readily we embrace disruption is being watched, and we have the potential to lead the field.
  • Being open for innovative business – Attendees want to see TMR lead in innovative procurement to rapidly embrace new ideas. Contributors were thrilled to have meaningful conversations with TMR at the summit, and many connections were made.

Thank you to all of the delegates and exhibitors; we will take your feedback into account as we build the transport network of the future. If you were not at the Summit and want to let us know of an idea, you can contact us at


Sarah Norman
Director (Innovation), Transport and Main Roads