How are you traveling?


Transport in Queensland needs to service communities of all shapes and sizes.

Each city, regional centre and town has a unique range of demographic characteristics, employment opportunities and services, all of which influence how people travel.

Queensland’s population has increased significantly over the past 40 years and this growth is expected to continue.

By 2036, the state will be home to an additional 2.15 million people, and over 30% of residents will live in regional areas.

Our growing regional and rural population will see a number of towns transitioning into cities, making the need to plan transport in these centres more important than ever before.

There’s also the changing structure of Queensland’s population.

Right now, 14% of our population are aged 65 or over.

How are you traveling?In 30 years’ time, this will have grown to over 20%. The ageing population has strong implications for Queensland’s future transport network, particularly community-based and accessible travel options.

How we plan for people’s changing transport needs as they age is crucial to ensuring Queensland’s ongoing liveability.

Despite these differences, Queensland communities share similar transport stories.

People need transport to access work and education.

Public transport plays an important role in community accessibility, and active transport – whether cycling or walking – is an essential part of ongoing public health.

To help us plan for these changing travel needs, TMR conducts a program of household travel surveys in centres across the state to collect accurate, insightful data from the people who use it most: Queenslanders.

Since 2009, over 80,000 Queenslanders across 24 urban, regional and rural centres have provided us with information about their daily travel behaviour, providing a strong evidence base to inform the transport planning activity underway across the state.

Results from these surveys help tell to a story about how Queensland travels and identity the trends that will shape our transport future.

To share this information, TMR has developed the How Queensland Travels Report to illustrate how Queenslanders’ travel behaviour shapes their towns, regions and our state.

I encourage you to read through the report and compare how you travel to others in your local area.


Randall Fletcher
Executive Director, Transport System Management