Stakeholder Consultative Committee focuses on customer experience

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Today the Department of Transport and Main Roads held its first Stakeholder Consultative Committee meeting for 2016.

The meeting consists of representatives from organisations identified as being key stakeholders across the broad body of work undertaken by TMR, including construction and transport industries, academia and community advocacy groups.

TMR hosts quarterly meetings to build relationships and share the many professional interests of our key stakeholders, including:

Local and State Government priorities and business
Transport and Logistics Industry
State Transport Planning, Construction and Infrastructure
Public Transport and Safety
Economic Growth in Regional Queensland
Emergency Management
Public Transport Users
Innovation programs
Reducing Red Tape.
The meetings provide the department and our stakeholders with the opportunity to get a of whole-of-State perspective on the work of the department, as well as an understanding of organisational priorities and challenges in working with us.

TMR is committed to being an “outside-in” organisation, and the quarterly meetings are a valuable opportunity for us to engage with community and industry.

It was fitting therefore that the focus of today’s meeting was the Department’s work on customer experience, being led by Executive Director Julie Salsbury.

Julie gave a brief overview of the department’s customer experience work to date, and shared some of the priorities for her team going forward.

The Customer Experience Team are forging ahead with a series of major priorities including opening a leading edge Customer Design Hub which will be utilised to conduct customer research and co-design solutions with customers to identify ways of improving our services.
The team are embarking on a Customer Experience transformation program to focus the department on putting customers/end users at the centre of what it does.

In an increasingly digitally-connected world, the department is also looking to strengthen not only its face-to-face interaction, but also to provide an avenue for those who would prefer to engage with us online.

Executive Director Online Stakeholder and Customer Engagement Kym Charlton spoke about the changes we are making to our digital channels to respond to customer expectations in the digital space.

CEO of AEG Ogden, Harvey ListerI really appreciated Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of AEG Ogden, Harvey Lister, sharing some insights into how his organisation is approaching customer experience in an increasingly digital age with an interesting contrast of face-to-face and digital engagement.

I’d like to thank the representatives who took time out of their busy schedules to come along to the meeting. I see these as valuable opportunities to share information and perspectives on our shared challenges.

I look forward to sharing more about our innovation program and work on autonomous vehicles at future meetings.

Neil Scales
Director General, Transport and Main Roads