Designing services with you

Julie Salsbury
Julie Salsbury

Organisations today are operating in a period of great disruption.

Emerging technology and new products are rapidly changing the way we operate and do business.

This ever-increasing pace of change has put greater importance on delivering quality, responsive services and experiences to customers.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) is no exception to this rule and this is why we as a department are putting a greater emphasis on you, our customers.

TMR is making a commitment to put customers at the centre of everything we do and create a customer-centric culture that meets our customers’ needs first time, every time.

We want to shift the way of thinking from inside-out to outside-in, meaning we want to let the customer experience help define our policy, technology and process requirements rather than the other way around.

So what does this mean in practice?

In its simplest form, it means a better experience for you when interacting with TMR products, services and staff! In order to achieve this however, it requires a great deal of work.

My role is to lead a team who is responsible for tackling this challenge and to help TMR better understand our customer needs, enable the rest of TMR to redesign and improve our services and track and measure our performance in delivering superior customer experiences.

We have been focussed on this task for a couple of years now, undertaking a range of initiatives including conducting customer research and co-design solutions with customers to identify ways of improving our services.

We are putting ourselves in the shoes of our customers to better understand their end to end journeys.

Just travelling to work in the morning or driving through roadworks are great examples. When you’re driving through roadworks you’re a customer and that experience has many touchpoints with TMR.

The works are part of our roads maintenance and infrastructure schedule, the car you’re in is registered, you have a drivers licence, you might have accessed traffic information so you knew that the works where happening. Perhaps you heard a road safety message on the radio during your trip? These are all TMR products and touchpoints with you: our valued customers, and as such we want to ensure that our customer service aligns with your expectations.

We aim to deliver to our customers a single integrated transport system that is accessible to all and we are looking for greater opportunities to engage with you directly, so keep an eye out for future opportunities to share your thoughts and ideas on how we can better serve you.

Julie Salsbury
Executive Director, Customer Experience