The TMR Customer Experience Lab


Customers are at the heart of everything we do at Transport and Main Roads – and we’ve stepped up our efforts to improve their experience with the launch of our Customer Experience Lab this week.

The technology in this lab enables us to see things through our customers’ eyes, literally.

For example, eye-tracking glasses allow us to test out apps and websites, revealing where customers look and identifying sticking points so we can improve them.

We can also use the glasses to monitor the experiences of those using our roads – for example, tracking their eye movements to see if they are distracted by roadworks or signs – and public transport customers – for example, seeing how easily they find ticket machines at train stations.

The lab’s eight-metre immersion screen provides a range of opportunities, such as helping bus drivers get to know their new bus routes by immersing themselves in life-size movies.

The lab also has voting button, video conferencing and screen-sharing technology that can be used for customer co-design activities and allows people to participate remotely.

The Customer Experience Lab is a wonderful addition to TMR, providing a versatile space that we can use for customer focus groups, workshops, prototyping, training and development.

The most exciting part is the opportunity it gives us to engage with our customers in new ways, involving them in the development and improvement of our products and services.

The work we have done to improve the experiences of our customers provides huge benefits, both to them, and to TMR, and we will continue to working with customers to develop innovative and effective solutions.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do at TMR, and we will soon be announcing details of our new online customer panel for people keen to be involved with our co-design sessions.


Neil Scales OBE
Director General