Innovation – #igniteTMR

Sarah Norman
Sarah Norman

Do you have a great idea? Want to make positive change to ensure we are creating the transport network of the future? We want to hear from you.

Innovation is a hot topic right now in government, in business, and with our research partners, and TMR is certainly looking to make sure we are harnessing all opportunities.

The bottom line is that TMR must continue to innovate to stay relevant and provide a contemporary network in an environment of constant and accelerating change. We have a long and proud history of innovation and good ideas, but our world in 2016 is one of changing customer behaviour and expectations, new and disruptive technologies such as drones and automated vehicles, as well as diminishing funding from our traditional revenue sources.

For TMR, innovation means finding ways to do things differently and better. It means challenging the norm and asking ourselves “is there a better/cheaper/faster way to do this?” rather than just accepting that the usual way is the only way.

Innovation is about opening up our thinking to new possibilities and being ready to respond to the changes and disruptions we know are coming and to those that we haven’t dreamt of yet.  How will we travel to work or school in the future?  What will you, our customers, expect of us? How do we make sure we have the skills to meet these future needs?

We welcome all ideas, big and small. Many minor, positive changes can add up to a lot of efficiencies which allow us to make better use of our budget and provide our customers with better service. Of course this does not mean that we don’t celebrate and reward the major innovations.

I have the privilege of leading the team within TMR responsible for igniting the TMR innovation flame.  We are doing this through hacks, forums, training and bringing together ideas from within TMR, industry and academia.

If you have a passion for creating a future that brings Queensland closer together, TMR is an exciting and rewarding place to work.
Watch this space for more news on innovation program and events throughout the year.

Sarah Norman
Director (Innovation), Transport and Main Roads